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Behavioural and
Rehabilitation Training




"Conditioning" means
changing behaviour
through learning.

There are two types of conditioning used in dog training:

  • Classical conditioning
    "learning by association"
  • Operant conditioning
    "learning by consequence"

See both these types of learning in action below.



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Basic Training
Skills Videos

Step by step How-To's
for teaching your dog
basic obedience

Exercises include:

  • Introduction to Training
  • Give attention
  • Collar Holds
  • Go to Mat
  • Sit
  • Drop
  • Stand
  • Recall
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Stay
  • Play & Settle


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How to fit and use the
most common types
of equipment.

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Equipment
  • Martingale Collars
  • Head Collars (Haltis etc)
  • Easy Walk Harness
  • Sporn Harness
  • Connectors & Double Ended lead



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Conditioning Videos

Basic Training Skills

Equipment Videos

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