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Behavioural and
Rehabilitation Training

Try us risk-free

For all our consults and workshops we invite you to:

  • Come and watch one for free - see our methods first hand and decide for yourself if they're right for you.
  • Cancel any time - if you're not convinced, we'll refund any unused services you've booked.

Our professional commitment

We make a strong and ongoing commitment to you:

  • To represent our knowledge, skills and experience accurately
  • To explain our methods and offer full chance for questions before we proceed
  • To inform you of likely costs before going ahead
  • To use best efforts to keep appointment times and deliver within promised time frames
  • To represent only proven knowledge about training and behaviour, including the benefits and drawbacks of different approaches whether used by us or by others, so you can make an informed choice
  • To not exceed our own limits, and to refer you to other trusted professionals whenever they are better placed to help

If you feel we ever fall short of these commitments, please talk to us and let us know. We value the chance to fix problems or will gladly refund unused portions of any services if you decide not to continue.

About behavioural guarantees

We never make guarantees about behavioural outcomes for your dog in any part of our work, including in consults, classes and workshops, and believe such guarantees always compromise ethics when working with living creatures. Behaviour is complex and influenced by many factors including some which cannot be addressed by training alone.

Instead, we always guarantee to use and recommend exclusively no-harm, fully proven, evidence-based training methods that maintain animal welfare and promote the bond you have with your dog, and to adhere to Delta Institute best practice as the embodiment of these ideals.

If you'd like to know more about how we choose our methods or what we do, please ask and we'd be glad to explain our approach.

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