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Behavioural and
Rehabilitation Training

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We work with dogs of all breeds and ages, and you don't need any training experience to join in. We also offer help at home and come to you for help with training or behaviour problems.



Adult Dogs


Train at Home
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Adult Classes


Adult classes:  Real learning. Real knowledge. Real training!
A classroom-style environment that focuses on achieving the outcomes you're after. Ideal for all dogs over 6 months of age.

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Puppy Classes


Puppy classes:  Avoid the 'puppy party' mistakes! Safe socialisation, manners & obedience plus expert help with mouthing, chewing, digging, toilet training and more. Baby Puppy 8-14 weeks and Senior Puppy 16-24 weeks.

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Get Help at Home


In-home Consults:  If class is inconvenient or you'd just like tailored help at home, we come to you to work on literally any training goal or behaviour problem.

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Workshops:  Seminars and events on the most useful and important topics in training such as loose lead walking, problem solving and how to understand behaviour properly.

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  • Adult Classes
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  • Get Help at Home
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 I liked the caring and understanding manner of the instructor best. Buffy made good progress and certainly benefited from the course. - Peter

 Really enjoyed the course, Misha and I looked forward to each class.  I like the setup where we let the dogs focus on what's happening without being worried about the other dogs and what they might be doing. - Raymond

 Sapphy and I made lots of progress - especially on attention & tricks to keep her occupied. - Emily

 Rusky and I made great progress, I now have the knowledge to teach him the right thing, and he is learning how to behave properly! - Laura

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