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Behavioural and
Rehabilitation Training

Getting help at home

Some behaviours aren't about training, some are signs your dog is stressed and needs extra help, and others may be happening only in your home so it's important we visit to give you the right advice.

Whatever you're facing, we take the frustration and worry away with practical management ideas, exercises, training plans and referrals to start down the path to better behaviour.

We're different. If you've found other trainers using harsh or ineffective methods, or if you've found training hasn't worked for you so far, we can help! Our knowledge comes from proven evidence and everything we do is safe and effective. It's what we know that others don't that means our advice is sound.

Our process:

We learn about your dog's background, recent events and whether the problem is changing or staying the same.

We meet with you to read your dog's body language. Body language lets us understand your dog's emotions, which is a powerful driver of behaviour. Knowing exact emotion behind a problem make a big difference to how we address it, so we make sure to pick it properly.

We explain everything clearly along the way so you can see what we see , and understand your dog's behaviour in a new light.

We help set the right expectations so both you and your dog can be happy, and get back to the relationship you want.

And if we're not the right person for the job we have trusted colleagues we'll refer you to for expert help as needed.

In the meantime we put a lid back on the problem for you from day one, with practical behaviour management ideas you can carry out safely and easily at home.

Behaviours we can help with:

 Anxiety, fear and phobias - of dogs, people, storms, objects, equipment, situations, events etc.
 Aggression - growling, snapping, biting and attacks
 Noisemaking - barking and howling
 Council Orders - Nuisance, Menacing and Dangerous Dog Orders in NSW
 Guarding behaviour - of food, toys, treasured possessions, people or other dogs
 Separation anxiety - stress during time spent alone
 Destruction - digging and chewing
 Escaping - opportunistic or by digging / jumping out
 Jumping up and pawing at people
Mouthing, nipping, biting and grabbing of hands, feet and clothes
Chasing and herding of adults, children, dogs or other animals
 Boisterous (hyperaroused) behaviour - with adults, children, dogs and other pets
 Toilet training - problem peeing and lapses in toilet habits
 Problems between household pets
 'Boredom' and understimulation problems
 And more...


$120 per hour for in-home help and advice. Call to see if this is right for you.

    We review your dog's history, assess their behaviour in person, explain likely causes, help you implement practical behaviour management, demonstrate and coach you on training exercises, show you behaviour modification routines where needed, address related topics of enrichment, routine, house rules, habits & interactions, and general topics of dog behaviour, behavioural effects, and if required refer you to a veterinary behaviourist. Ample time is given to address your questions, and handouts are provided as needed on key topics. Our focus is making the practical management, training and behaviour modification work as effective as possible, and time is always spent helping you practice any manual skills.

To make a booking:

Before we visit we'll call to make sure we can offer you the right option.
Visits are 9am to 9pm weekdays, or on weekends by arrangement.

Call or email to find out more,
or make an appointment.


For emergency behaviour help call 0414 560 646 between 9am and 9pm daily.

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